About our business and mission

We are not purveyors of gadgets, novelties or curiosities.

We strive to provide the necessary tools, equipment and methods with which to gather information or effectively deal with a problem.  

For those who are uncertain as to how to most effectively manage a specific problem or situation we are available for a “focused” consultation.

Private, professional investigative services are also available


Such situations might involve, but are by no means limited to the following:

Marital infidelity

Stalking victims

Exposing family member theft

Employee impropriety or theft

Company vehicle misuse

Employee activity monitoring

Suspected drug abuse

Neighbor to neighbor disputes

Eldercare abuse

Child molestation

School bullying

Landlord / tenant relations

Corporate espionage


Private property vandalism

Unwarranted law enforcement traffic stops and allegations

Unique devices and systems

Many of the devices we offer are unique. Structurally many are fragile, requiring care and respect from the user. These “specialty” electronic devices are not constructed in as robust a manner as those designed for more ordinary applications.

Hollywood misconceptions and I’ve seen it on the internet

Unrealistic or impractical expectations are very common. These expectations are mostly the result Hollywood productions as well as misinformation posted on the internet.

The real world is not Hollywood. There are for example no “infinitesimally” small transmitting cameras or micro chips which can be inserted into a target cell phone, allowing remote eavesdropping. 

What is possible?

Much of what was once the exclusive realm of professionals is now available to the amateur sleuth. Not only are investigative systems dramatically less costly than they were not too many years ago, but they are far less complex to use.

This does not mean that their use des not require any technical capability on the part of the user.

Super simple to use and cheap

Not long ago the devices like these were only available to professionals. Furthermore they were expensive (hundreds or thousands of dollars), complex and required extensive training or a high degree of technical expertise.  

We’ve come a long way since then, but well designed, reliable equipment cannot be had for mere pocket change.

A willingness to make a determined effort

The management and solution to a problem or its investigation will require a commensurate amount of time, effort and determination.

Those who admit to having not even minimal technical ability or  determination to learn will be better served to hire a professional.



George Helmecke  - President