Process and technical details

Monitoring requires the installation of a software (program / app) on the cell phone to be monitored ("Target Phone")

Legal issues

It is not legal to install such a software on a phone that you do not own. Any installation made on a "non owned" phone may be in violation of federal eavesdropping regulations.


The target phone and pass code must be on hand

Target phone USB cable available (to connect to PC)

A computer with internet connection must be available

The monitoring installation key, username and password have been received by email.

Process (in very general terms)

I-Phones must be "jailbroken" prior to the monitoring software installation

Androids should be routed to permit full function (also prior to the installation of monitoring software).

Connect target phone to PC via USB cable

Open account activation email

Click on Portal link

Copy and paste username, password and activation code into respective login boxes.

Login to account


Configure functions